Large Tree Removals

Cedar tree – Grimsdyke Road

Cedar tree – Grimsdyke Road

Oak tree - Royston Grove

Oak tree – Royston Grove

Unfortunately two large trees within the ward have been identified as being in a hazardous condition and will be removed for public safety reasons. A cedar (see right) in Grimsdyke Road has a severely included main union which means it is likely to fail at some point and a major limb could potentially fall onto the house.  How long it may last before this happens is unpredictable. Crown reduction is not an option with this species. Unfortunately removal is therefore the only appropriate option. An oak tree (see below, right) o/s Langworthy in Royston Grove is in decline, there are decay cavities in the lower crown, some weeping cavities. The crown is sparse with little live growth, and there is dead wood throughout.

Residents in the immediate vicinity of these trees will be notified by letter prior to felling.
Tony Donetti| Team Leader Infrastructure
Community Directorate | Traffic, Highways & Asset Management
Harrow Council

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