Litter Pick-Up – 2018

 As you know, the Association organises litter pick ups three times a year on Saturday mornings to clear up rubbish in Hatch End where other services do not reach. We provide gloves, protective tabards and ‘pickers’ together with sacks for the rubbish. We had another successful ‘pick’ in September 2017, our last of the year.
The next litter pick days are:
17 March 2018 – unfortunately this pick-up event had to be cancelled due to the snow
9 June 2018
15 September 2018
Please put the dates in your diary and join us on the day for an hour or so and help us keep Hatch End looking clean and tidy.

2 thoughts on “Litter Pick-Up – 2018

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  2. Tom Fleming

    Litter in Hatch End seems to be getting worse…e.g. alleyways off Colborn Avenue, The Broadway, grass verges etc. Street cleaning much reduced due to cuts? Increase in casual litter dropping, fly-tipping etc.? Anyway it’s getting pretty bad. Maybe more than 3 days of litter picking needed? Plus apply pressure on the council?


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