Litter Pick-Up – 2019


Saturday 14 September 2019

Please come and help ~ all are welcome
Meet at Hatch End Station car park
10am till noon or for as long as you can manage
We provide gloves, pickers and a safety tabard. When you are finished,
St Anselm’s Church is offering  a rewarding refreshment at the church
Help us keep Hatch End a pleasant place to live and work


2 thoughts on “Litter Pick-Up – 2019

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  2. Tom Fleming

    Litter in Hatch End seems to be getting worse…e.g. alleyways off Colborn Avenue, The Broadway, grass verges etc. Street cleaning much reduced due to cuts? Increase in casual litter dropping, fly-tipping etc.? Anyway it’s getting pretty bad. Maybe more than 3 days of litter picking needed? Plus apply pressure on the council?


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