Public consultation – parking in The Broadway

The Council has published a Public Consultation document regarding parking and parking meters in The Broadway and is seeking residents’ and businesses’ views.

The public consultation STARTS ON 12 JULY and will run for a period of 28 days until 8 AUGUST 2018.
All responses should be received by no later than 8 August 2018.

Introducing parking controls is a two-stage process.
Stage One – is an informal consultation intended to gather information from local residents and businesses about parking problems they are experiencing and to help the council decide what measures if any are taken forward to the next stage.
Stage Two – is the Legal Notification (Statutory consultation) stage, residents and businesses are re-consulted on the proposed parking controls on roads agreed to be taken forward.

We are currently at the  informal Stage One and no decisions have yet been made about whether to introduce any new parking controls.Although some people have contacted the council to explain their parking problems they would like to hear your views as well so that the council can clearly understand the level of support that exists for parking controls within your area. If there is majority support for parking controls the council  will proceed to Stage Two which is the Legal Notification (statutory consultation) stage.
A potential scheme could include the following measures:
Pay and display machines (parking meters) in The Broadway service road between Anselm Road and Wellington Road and on Wellington Road (east side) opposite 2-8 Wellington Road.
A review of the existing disabled parking spaces in the service road with potential additional disabled parking on Uxbridge Road (north side) in the existing inset parking bay.
Retaining the ambulance bay outside Lutyen House in The Broadway service road and the existing waiting restrictions in Uxbridge Road.
The final design may be subject to change following the comments received from this consultation (no decisions have yet been made).
You should consider whether the parking issues that you experience justify the introduction of parking controls. The council will analyse all the responses and parking controls will only be implemented where there is clear majority support.  The results of the consultation will be referred to the next available TARSAP meeting and /or Portfolio Holder for Environment for approval to proceed to the next stage which is the Legal Notification stage (Stage Two).
If the scheme progresses to this stage the council will write to you again with further information about this stage of the process.
See the PDF below called Public Consultation for a more detailed description of the proposals. There is also a Map of the Consultation (to come).

The council has prepared a questionnaire for you to complete in private (see link below). The information you provide will be analysed along with all other comments received. They would like to know what parking problems (if any) you experience while trying to access the local shops/businesses and whether you’d support the introduction of parking controls as outlined above to address these concerns. The council is encouraging the use of its online consultation portal on the Harrow council website and we would prefer you to respond on-line a. You can submit your questionnaire on-line by visiting: You then click on the link for the ‘The Broadway, Hatch End Area Parking Review’ and click on ‘start survey’ to make your comments. You will be asked to register your details before completing the survey. Alternatively, you can send the questionnaire by post to:
Head of Traffic, Highways and Asset Management
Harrow Council,
PO Box 39,
HA1 2XA.
Questionaires will be available at the Post Office, Sea Pebbles and Pulver Carr for  those people who do not wish to post the questionnaires. The Post office have said they will collect any questionnaires and arrange to get them in on time.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of this consultation in more detail please contact the council’s design partners Atkins:, telephone: 0208 420 9468 or Sajjad Farid on 0208 424 1484.

Hatch End Broadway-Parking Consultation-Questionnaire
Public Consultation-Uxbridge Road

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