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Grimsdyke School Story Writing Competition

Last summer the Hatch End Association and Grimsdyke School joined forces to organise a story writing competition to help celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We were so impressed by the standard of writing that we decided to award a prize to the best entry in each of the seven years at the school. Each child received a book token. See below for the prize winners’ entries.

Nethra Hariharana – Reception Class

Nethra Hariharana Diamond Jubilee Drawing

Nethra Hariharana

My istent [assistant] wakes me up then I brush my teeth then I wake my corgis and ride my horse. Then I go to my corgie party I was so tiered [tired] I went to bed. The next day I went for my friends wedding I had lots of food and I went on eating I had so much fun we had to go for an other wedding. We played a Lot this time we had so much fun we had to go home then. Inviet [invite] the pepel owh [who] went for the wedding. So they invieted the pepel so they were so tiered they.

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