Notice is hereby given that the


of The Hatch End Association will be held
on Wednesday 5 April 2017 starting at 8pm
in the Hatch End Suite 1, Harrow Arts Centre, Hatch End


  1. Approve the Minutes of the last AGM.
  2. C0-Chairman’s Report.
  3. Hon. Treasurer’s Report plus discussion of alternative methods of collecting subscriptions.
  4. Appointment of Hon. Examiner of Accounts.
  5. Election of Officers.
  6. Election of Committee Members.
  7. Resolutions. Notice to be given to one of the three Co-Chairmen by 29 April.
  8. Any other notified business.

Nominations for Committee membership and Officer posts are invited and should be received by the Secretary no fewer than seven days before the meeting.

The Association Accounts for 2016 will be available at the meeting and will be published in the summer edition of The Hatch End Bulletin. They will also be published on the website.

Please note that the AGM will be preceded at 8pm by a brief overview of Harrow, including the current regeneration plans, plus key issues in Hatch End and residents’ concerns by Michael Lockwood, CEO of Harrow Council. The formal business of the AGM will commence, after a short interval for refreshments, at approximately 9pm.

Please support the work of your Committee by attending and bringing along interested friends and neighbours.

Anne Swinson, Julian Maw, Tony Allen,

Hon Secretary