The Tree Strategy was approved by the Cabinet in March 2015 and can be viewed at the link below.

Tree Strategy – Appendix A

Tree strategy
Please see the PDF link below to view a letter sent on 27 November 2014 by Julian Maw on behalf of the Hatch End Association to Janet Parsons at Harrow Council, regarding the Tree Strategy Consultation.


Environmental Steering Committee
The Committee had to cancel its meetings for the last year due to the unavailability of members. This also necessitated the cancellation of the Litter Pick during the summer in 2015. The Committee will be meeting in September and please remember:

Pick Up

on Saturday 19 March 2016 at 10am in the Station Car Park in Hatch End.

The Committee’s latest meeting notes are given below:

Brief Notes of meeting 40: 27 May 2014

Present: Julian Maw [JM], Mike Root [MR], Susan Tyler [ST].

1. Apologies: John Cobb [JC], Dominique Wilson [DW].

2.     Notes of Meeting 39 – 18 March 2014 were agreed subject to corrections: item 3 “Knotweed” to read “Hogweed”; Item 5c “I” to read “It”.

3.     Matters Arising not on the Agenda:

4.a. Milne Feild central verges monitoring to continue over the summer.

4.b. Lighting in The Avenue awaiting new council appointments and darker evenings.

4.     Problems/Suggestions from Association members:

a.     JM reported complaint of fire damage to tables in the Arts centre grassed area behind the swimming pool. This had been reported to the council for repair

5.   Review Progress and actions required:

a) Clear up days: Notices had appeared in The Harrow Observer for Pickup day 31 May. MR would attend in the station car park with equipment. Members of the committee were to be reminded that attendance would be appreciated. It was expected that pupils of Hatch End High would assist as before. Areas for ‘picking’ not covered by the normal council team were discussed. Suggested areas were:
1 The footpath from the Millennium Bridge to Grimsdyke Road.
2 The green area on east side of Rowlands Avenue at the roundabout

b) Graffiti: No major outbreak reported apart from the footbridge remaining a problem

c) Tree planting: No requirements had been reported. MR reported that the investigation of possible HEA management of the two planters in the Broadway was continuing

d) Japanese Knotweed and Hogweed: No reported occurrence. It was agreed that all infestations reported will investigated over the summer and reported as necessary

e) Licensing Matters: JM reported no representations on application necessary.

f) Police Matters: JM reported that the Hatch End SN team ward priorities are anti-social behaviour and motor vehicle crime.

g) Cash for Communities: No detail would be available until the new council is established. The group was pleased to note that work was being carried out at Saddlers Mead Recreation ground at the play facilities for five to 12 year olds.

5. Any Other Business: None

6.    Future meetings:

Meetings are held at 61 The Avenue at 10am

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