Grimsdyke School Poetry Competition


The Hatch End Association has a close relationship with our local primary school – Grimsdyke – after all the Association was instrumental in persuading the powers that be to build the school in the 1940s! In recent years the HEA has sponsored competitions with the school: a writing competition to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, a photography competition, an annual shield in memory of Alan Bell  and in December 2017, the children took part in a poetry competition. Six year groups entered and the judges – committee members Sheila Reid and Dominique Wilson – picked a winner and a runner-up from each year group. We present below the winning poems. The theme is Friends and Family as the poems were being written at the start of the festive season when family and friends get together.

Year 1
Kavish Sachdeva
We need a friend to hold to hold our hand
We need a friend who understand
We need a friend when we shy or cry
We need a friend when we fail or try
We need a friend to play catch
We need a friend to play a match

Friend – thats me
Friend – thats you
Friend – thats us

Year 2
Milan Saujani
Friends and Family
Maya helping patiently,
Milan talking happily,
Daddy shopping constantly,
Mummy cooking lovingly.

Shiram working perfectly,
Kaius joking excitedly,
Lilly answering correctly,
Miss Alibey marking joyfully.

Nani reading amazingly
Nana bathing quickly
Bella playing noisily
Friends and family are spectacular!

Year 3
George Greany
Friends are nice to each other all ways
Relying on each other to chat and play
It’s the best feeling to have friends
Every day is fun to the end
Never a dull moment running and laughing
Doing cool stuff like disco dancing
Sometimes if I feel sad
Having friends makes me glad
I love having friends to laugh and grin
Playing together is my favourite thing.

Year 4
Rashida Rashad
Family and Friends
We all have a cherished
garden we tend –
it is planted with love of
family and friends.

The memories
and dreams we
treasure and share
are like a beautiful
rose found blooming there.

The comfort and
care on which we depend
is given with love between
family and friend.

The sunshine of laughter
and rain of a tear
only make our love grow
with each passing year.

Year 5
Ishi Mistry
The Contrast of My Family and Friends
Family and friends are like an interesting piece of music;
Sometimes we have high notes together,
And sometimes we have low notes.

Family and friends are like a rich piece of chocolate;
At times the chocolate is bitter,
But then, the bitterness is forgotten and the sensation of sweetness,
Love and unity fulfil your taste buds.

Family and friends are like wonderful scenery;
Sometimes the sunset is relaxing and spellbound,
But occasionally raining with leaden skies.

Family and friends are like a dancer;
They sway to the beat of the evening waltz,
Or gallop around the lively dynamics of the energetic foxtrot.

Most of all, we are a soft gentle marshmallow, in a world of love and unity,
Sitting on top of a flavoursome rocky road sundae!

Year 6
Eve Freeman
Friends and Family
I was so excited,
A trip away with school!
A week of great activities,
It was going to be so cool.

But I started getting butterflies,
I was worried I’d miss my mum,
I was scared I wouldn’t be able to sleep,
And I wouldn’t have fun.

My family gave me lots of love,
but still I was scared to go.
I kept my worries inside my heart,
So my feelings wouldn’t show.

Then my mum said ‘Tell your best friend,
Because she just might feel the same’.
And when I did, I cried a bit,
But now I wasn’t ashamed.

Then I told my other lovely friends
And they said they were nervous too.
So, we said we’d help each other
By sticking together like glue.

The week away was amazing,
More fun than I could’ve hoped
But without my amazing friends by my side
I’m not sure I would’ve coped.

So thank you to them for being there
And Mum for helping me see
That some things you just can’t do by yourself.
You need your friends and family.

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