The Hatch End Association bulletin is published three times a year and contains important news and information concerning residents of Hatch End. Below is the table of contents of the latest issue


Issued by the Hatch End Association

Autumn 2017   Number 202

Table of Contents
Editorial 2
From the Chair 3
Association Business 3
Planning  Report 3
Membership Report 4
Jo’s seat or Tesco seat, The Broadway, Hatch End 6
Chalk Mines or Pits in Pinner 7
Pinner Chalk Mines 7
Chalk Pits Field 9
Update on works at site of Pinner Wood School 10
Hatch End People 11
Jill Whitehead – obituary 11
Introducing two new faith leaders 12
John Morgan – a snapshot of Hatch End 14
Grimsdyke School 16
Heath Robinson Museum – Rejuvenated Junk 18
Keep your Car Safe 19
Tips to Keep your Computer Safe 20
Hatch End Station Makes Progress 22
Community Spirit 22
Hatch End Flower Arrangement Group 23
Pinner Folk And Blues Club 24
Hatch End Horticultural Society 25
Grimsdyke Brass 26
Pinner Sketch Club – Summer Exhibition 26
Bulletin Commercial Index 28
The Hatch End Association’s Constitution & Rules 33
Local Schools List 33


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