The Hatch End Association bulletin is published three times a year and contains important news and information concerning residents of Hatch End. Below is the table of contents of the latest issue


Issued by the Hatch End Association

Summer 2023   Number 219

Table of Contents


Editorial 2
Coronation Celebrations in Hatch End 3
Coronation Tree Planting 3
White Craig Close and Royston Park Road 4
Royston Grove 5
Sylvia Avenue 6
Evelyn Drive 8
Hillview Road 9
Woodridings Avenue 9
Rowlands Avenue 10
Association Business 11
Annual General Meeting Summary 11
AGM – what the HEA does 12
Q&A session on what members would like the HEA to do 12
AGM – from the chair 13
AGM – report on the Riverside Park 14
Hatch End Association Annual Accounts 15
Membership Report 16
Conservation Area 16
Planning and Green Belt Report 18
From the Archive – 70 years ago; /ussye 12 /synner 1953 20
Hatch End People 21
Alan Flint 21
Barry Kester 22
Community 23
Open Door 23
Litter Pick-Up 24
Cashless parking in Harrow 25
Tree cutting in Hatch End 26
Grims Dyke Golf Club

Hatch End Flower Arrangement Group

Hatch End Horticultural Society

Bentley Priory

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