One thought on “Traffic & Parking – Consultation On Parking Charges

  1. Nisha

    Harrow Council is planning to impose CPZ traffic controlled Zone on Cedar Drive.
    I very much oppose to this. After it had applied to The Avenue Commuters do park on cedar drive but it’s not a nuisance and . If council did want to apply why not apply just from 11-12pm and why on Saturday??
    We are a very friendly road and cedar drive is a residential road I don’t understand why the residents have to pay £ 65.00 for extra car and for passes . Council is just there to make money.
    Why give problems to commuters when they are working in the city. Where do you expect them to park.
    I hope the association will look into this and not allow council to impose the controlled zone.

    Council is also imposing for dustbin collection which was not necessary as Harrow council tax is high already.
    I think the people and association has to look into this as I believe the council is not people friendly.


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