New Applications for planning

P/2424/23/PRIOR – 22/08/2023 33 Lyndon Avenue, HA5 4QF  Single storey rear extension: 6.00 Metres deep 3.40 Metres maximum height 3.00 Metres high to the eaves
P/2488/23 – 30/08/2023 1 Wealdwood Gardens, HA5 4DQ  Front porch; single and two storey rear extension; first floor side extension; conversion of garage to habitable room with installation of window to front
P/2497/23 – 31/08/2023 28 Sylvia Avenue, HA5 4QE  First floor side and rear extensions; alterations to rear dormer; external alterations.
P/2512/23 – 01/09/2023 3 Devonshire Road, HA5 4LY  Rear dormer; external alterations
P/2331/23 – 09/08/2023 Tennis Club Rear Of 18, Clonard Way, HA5 4BU – Hatch End Tennis Club  Creation of additional tennis court with 2.75M high boundary fence
P/2408/23 – 18/08/2023 411 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4JR – Behind Genuine Cakes next to old post office  Two storey rear extension
P/2479/23 – 29/08/2023 322 – 324 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4HR – Mexican restaurant  Installation of front canopy with retractable awning
P/2525/23 – 04/09/2023 6 Clonard Way, HA5 4BU  Single and two storey front extension; single storey side garage extension; single and two storey rear extension; two rooflights in front roofslope;
P/2556/23 – 06/09/2023 38 Marsworth Avenue, HA5 4UB – Conservation  Single storey side extension; single storey rear infill extension; external alterations (demolition of detached garage)
P/2251/23 – 02/08/2023 328 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4HR  Certificate of lawful development (existing): use of first floor as 1 x studio flat and 1 x 2 bed flat and use of second floor as 1 x 2 bed flat
P/2566/23/PRIOR – 06/09/2023 16 Hillview Road, HA5 4PA  Single storey rear extension: 8.00 Metres deep 3.30 Metres maximum height 3.00 Metres high to the eave

Decisions Granted

P/3615/22 – 18/10/2022 Letchford House, Headstone Lane, HA3 6PE – Conservation Redevelopment to provide single storey (four bed) dwelling house; parking; bin store; landscaping (demolition of garages)
P/1641/23 – 30/05/2023 5 Milne Feild, HA5 4DP  Single storey rear extension; external alterations (demolition of rear extension)
P/1689/23 – 09/06/2023 27 Rowlands Avenue, HA5 4DF  Certificate of lawful development (proposed): single storey rear extension (following established prior approval reference: p/1203/23/prior)
P/1731/23 – 13/06/2023 42 Lyndon Avenue, HA5 4QG  Conversion of garage to habitable room with installation of window to front; external alterations
P/1852/23 – 26/06/2023 21 The Lawns, HA5 4BJ  Single storey front to side extension incorporating porch; external alterations (demolition of front extension and attached garage)
P/1920/23 – 30/06/2023 12 Clonard Way, HA5 4BU  Single storey rear extension; external alterations (demolition of conservatory)
P/1957/23 – 05/07/2023 2 Meredith Close, HA5 4RP  Hardsurfacing to front garden
P/1963/23 – 30/06/2023 60 Sherington Avenue, HA5 4DT  Front porch; single and two storey rear extension; alterations and extension to roof; rear dormer; two rooflights in front and side roofslopes.
P/0092/23 – 12/01/2023 15 Lyndon Avenue, HA5 4QF Single storey front extension incorporating front porch; single storey rear extension

Decisions Refused
P/0542/22/PRIOR/6136 – 21/02/2023 21 The Avenue, HA5 4EN – Appeal  Additional storey (height 2.6M) to a dwellinghouse – maximum overall height 9.30M (prior approval of impact on the amenity of any adjoining premises)
P/2024/23 – 05/07/2023 420 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4HP – Star newsagent  Rear dormer to create additional habitable space to first floor flat (1 x 3 bed)

No decision (yet), or withdrawn, building control or TPO

P/4559/21 – 15/11/2021 17 Evelyn Drive, HA5 4RL – Conservation Replacement of existing front side and rear windows and doors from single glazed to double glazed.
P/0393/23 – 02/02/2023 597 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4SN  Single storey side to rear extension; external alterations.
P/0966/23 – 03/04/2023 1 Letchford Terrace, HA3 6PB  Single and two storey side to rear extension; single storey rear extension; external alterations (demolition of side and rear extensions)
P/1071/23 – 07/04/2023 1 Hillview Road, HA5 4PB Installation of 1.8M high brick piers with trellis topped timber boundary fence and short wall to height of 1.5M
P/1224/23 – 25/04/2023 Turnpidgeons, Oxhey Lane, HA5 4AL  Installation of two 1.7M high entrance gates to front boundary.
P/1397/23 – 12/05/2023 Shaftesbury High School, Long Elmes, HA3 6LE  Two storey side extension to create four additional classrooms (demolition of boiler house)
P/1531/23 – 22/05/2023 21 The Avenue, HA5 4EN  Excavation to create basement level with lightwell to rear; single storey rear extension with raised patio;; alterations to ground levels at rear;
P/1814/23 – 21/06/2023 Melodies, Oxhey Lane, HA5 4AL  Two storey side to rear extension with front balcony; single storey rear extension; extension to create third floor; re-location of entrance
P/1940/23 – 04/07/2023 322 – 324 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4HR – WITHDRAWN – Mexican Restaurant Installation of front canopy with retractable awning
P/1985/23 – 06/07/2023 22 Royston Park Road, HA5 4AE Alterations and extension to raise roof height; rear dormer; rooflights; two storey front extension; two storey side and rear extension with bi-fold doors;
P/2003/23 – 10/07/2023 10 Old South Close, HA5 4TW – Conservation Single storey rear extension; external alterations (demolition of conservatory)
P/2124/23 – 20/07/2023 Unit 1, Leeway Close, HA5 4SE Change of use of first floor office (use class e) to house of multiple occupancy (HMO) for 7 or more persons (from two flats)
P/2195/23 – 26/07/2023 8 Towers Road, HA5 4SJ Single storey rear extension
P/2251/23 – 02/08/2023 328 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4HR – above Sakonis Certificate of lawful development (existing): use of first floor as 1 x studio flat and 1 x 2 bed flat and use of second floor as 1 x 2 bed flat
P/2284/23 – 04/08/2023 45 Wellington Road, HA5 4NF Single storey side to rear extension; external alterations (demolition of rear extension)
P/2336/23 – 09/08/2023 11 Hillview Road, HA5 4PB Details pursuant to conditions 7 (noise report) and 9 (materials) for redevelopment to provide 4 x 2 storey (4 bed) semi-detached dwellings k
P/2364/23 – 15/08/2023 5 Wellington Road, HA5 4NN Details pursuant to conditions 15 (mitigation management plan) for redevelopment to provide one pair of two storey semI detached dwellings
P/2399/23 – 17/08/2023 11 Hillview Road, HA5 4PB Non-material amendment to planning permission to allow a change of location of small side windows and alterations to internal layout
P/2434/23 – 23/08/2023 22 The Avenue, HA5 4ER Details pursuant to condition 8 (fire safety statement) for redevelopment to provide a two-storey building with habitable roof space comprising 8 flats
P/1439/23 – 16/05/2023 Tranby Croft, 94 Rowlands Avenue, HA5 4AP TPO – birch tree at the back of garden with overhanging branches that may on to the area where the kids are playing.
P/1810/23 – 20/06/2023 29 The Avenue, HA5 4EL TPO – Felling of mature eucalyptus tree leaning towards neighbour’s house; presence of fungus and decay at the trees base as well as roots heave.
P/1910/23 – 28/06/2023 Sycamore House, 4 Oakleigh Road, HA5 4HB TPO – T1 – sycamore – reduce crown by 40% – large cavity in crown break t2 – yew – fell – in decline (replacement to be planted on front boundary)
P/2021/23 – 11/07/2023 Pinnerwood Farm, Woodhall Road, HA5 4UA TPO – Priority a works as per survey 25604 recommendations trees – 1.G5 – 2.T22 – 3.T30 – 4.T56 – remove to ground
P/2213/23 – 31/07/2023 512 Uxbridge Road, HA5 4SG TPO – T1 ash – reduce by 2.2m. T2 ash – reduce 2.2m. T3 conifer – take down the tree
P/2358/23 – 14/08/2023 39 Royston Park Road, HA5 4AB TPO – Rear garden t57 (t1 on site plan) conifer reduce height by 5m. Remove 2 dying limbs; t58 (t2 on site plan) cherry prune back long limb by 3m


Enforcement Notices
ENF/0366/22/P – 27 Hallam Gardens – non compliant windows for the conservation area. Status not listed on the Harrow enforcement register.
ENF/0337/19/P – Road on Green Belt on fields lying north of Roger Bannister Rugby fields. Enforcement notice issued for 8.2.2020 failure to comply.
ENF/0603/14/P – Farmland to the rear of Grimsdyke Lodge: The S215 Notice gave them until 15.2.2019 to remedy the condition of the land. We have requested why the enforcement has not been initiated.
ENF/0553/21/P – 1 Hillview Road, HA5 4PB Unauthorised boundary fence more 1 metre in height parallel to a public highway. – Letter of support from HEA for revised plans submitted
ENF/0213/22/P – 77 Hillview Road, HA5 4PB Development not built in accordance with the approved plans attached to P/3331/16. Awaiting feedback on acceptance criteria.

John Cobb, Planning team

CA = Conservation Area
GB = Green Belt
CLD= Certificate of Lawful Development
TPO = Tree Preservation Order

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One thought on “Planning

  1. Bob BERGER

    I understand from Network Rail that the erection of the gantry by the Hatch End footbridge at The Avenue required no notification to residents and is classed as a Permitted Development for which no planning permission is required.
    I am not sure if you has seen the gantry which towers above the power lines and the bridge itself. It is a total eye-sore.
    Is this the understanding that the Hatch End Association has on the matter?


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