New Applications for planning
P/0742/19 9 Pinewood Close HA5 4BW; Single storey front and side extension; single storey rear extension (part demolition of side to rear extension)

P/0844/19 Wm Morrisons Supermarket Plc 299 Uxbridge Road HA5 4QT; Single storey retail unit adjacent to car park

P/0923/19 20 Woodhall Drive HA5 4TQ; Replacement windows to front and side elevations

P/1249/19 14 Old South Close HA5 4TW; Alterations to roof to form end gable; rooflights in side and rear rooflsopes; window in end gable; single storey side to rear infill extension to link detached garage; external alterations

P/1615/19 Land at Colburn Avenue HA5 4PQ; Electronic communications notification; replacement of 6 X antennas; installation of 1 X GPS module; installation of 6 X RRU’s on the headframe support pole; installation of 1 X PSU cabinet; ancillary works

P/1575/19/PRIOR 28 Beeton Close HA5 4NZ; Single Storey Rear Extension: 5 metres deep, 3.40 metres maximum height, 3 metres high to the eaves

P/1652/19/PRIOR 155 Courtenay Avenue HA3 6LJ; Single Storey Rear Extension: 6 metres deep, 4 metres maximum height, 2.5 metres high to the eaves

P/1723/19 Glen Cottage Old Hall Drive HA5 4SW; TPO – T1 – beech – reduce crown by up to 30% (1-2m) – to contain tree in location T2 – lime – reduce crown by up to 30% (1-2m) – to contain tree in location both trees growing close to phone lines supplying all properties within the vicinity

P/1781/19 2 Lytton Road HA5 4RH: Single storey rear extension

P/1798/19 Unit 1 Chantry Place Harrow HA3 6NY; Details persuant to conditions attached to planning permission P/0949/18 dated 19/03/2019 for detached two storey industrial unit Class B2; Parking and Lanscaping; Refuse and Cycle storage

P/1890/19 Unit 2 Chantry Place Harrow HA3 6NY: Details persuant to conditions  attached to planning permission P/4393/18 dated 29/03/2019 for extension of part of warehouse to raise height of building; extension to mezzanine level; new cladding; external alterations

P/1933/19 Alden Mead 14 The Avenue Hatch End HA5 4ES; TPO – Frontage Horse Chestnut – Crown lift by 2m and remove 2 x limbs obstructing streetlight Ash at side of property – Prune to give 2m clearance from structures

P/1880/19 106 Uxbridge Road HA5 4DS; Proposal: Redevelopment to provide three storey building to create Six flats (4 x 3 Bed, 2 x 2 Bed); Re-positioning of vehicle access with associated landscaping, parking, refuse bins and cycle storage involving demolition of existing house

P/1942/19 34 Lyndon Avenue HA5 4QG: Conversion of garage to bedroom with installation of window to front; extension to hardsurfacing of front garden

P/2033/19 Telecommunication Mast St Thomas Drive; Installation of 1 equipment cabinet; replacement of 6 antennas; ancillary works

Planning not required (under permitted development rules)
P/1396/19/PRIOR 31 Sylvia Avenue HA5 4QW; Single Storey Rear Extension extending 6 metres beyond the original rear wall, 4 metres maximum height, 3 metres high to the eaves


Decisions Granted
P/0423/19 16 Bede Close HA5 4TP & also at 5 and 7 Linkway ; TPO – T2 Ash (rear of 5 Linksway): Fell. T3 Willow (rear of 7 Linksway): Fell. Reason: trees have been implicated in root -induced subsidence damage claim re: 16 Bede Close

P/0624/19 56 Wellington Road HA5 4NH Certificate of lawful development (proposed): Conversion of garage to habitable room; replacement of garage door with window; external alterations

P/0488/19 7 Link Way HA5 4TR BSC Installation and replacement of windows to front and side elevations (like for like)

P/0116/19 298-300 Uxbridge Road HA5 4HR Change of use of ground floor from Retail (Class A1) to Restaurant (Class A3); Shop front; Decking at front to place 9 moveable tables and 18 chairs; Retractable canopy; Three air conditioning units at rear (one retrospective)

P/0727/19 Clavering Nursing Home and Little Orchard Royston Grove HA5 4HE Details pursuant to Conditions  attached to planning permission P/2344/18 for Redevelopment to provide a three storey building with basement; Amenity space; Parking and Landscaping; Cycle and Refuse storage

P/1788/19 Woodhall Farm 39 Woodhall Drive HA5 4TG Lift crown heights on garden side by 3m on group of Leyland. Reduce height of upright Yew. Fell 2 x Cypress trees to ground level. Fell Leylandii. Fell 2 x Leyland above neighbouring garden. Fell small dead Conifer.  Shorten height of Leylandii and cut back from pool areas as far as green foliage permits. Reduce 2 x Leyland in height and spread. Reason – General garden maintenance removing poorly formed or crowded trees favouring the better formed trees.

P/1817/19 11 Old South Close Pinner HA5 4TW TPO – Immediate removal of Lawson Cypress down to stump. The tree is deteriorating, with considerable (80%) dieback and may be at risk of falling in the near future Replant with one Acer.

P/0931/19 19 Devonshire Road HA5 4LY BSC Single storey side to rear extension; single storey rear extension with roof lantern (amended plan)

P/0609/19 5 Meadway Close HA5 4AZ SHL Single storey front extension; conversion of garage to habitable room; part conversion of second garage to habitable room; single storey rear extension

P/0903/19 12 Gable Close HA5 4NY AE Single storey rear extension

P/0824/19 57 Woodhall Gate HA5 4TY Single and two storey side extension; single and two storey rear extension; new front entrance with canopy; Rooflights in front and rear roofslopes; External alterations including raising of main ridge height

P/1136/19 1 Gable Close HA5 4NY Single storey rear conservatory (retrospective)

P/1130/19 6 Thorndyke Court HA5 4JG Conversion of garage to habitable room; replacement of garage door with window

Decisions Refused
P/0950/19 36 Lyndon Avenue HA5 4QG Single storey front extension incorporating front porch; two storey side and single storey rear extension; installation of bay window to front ground floor level; rooflights in side and rear roofslopes; external alterations (demolition of attached store)

Highlighting indicates comments by the HEA.

CA = Conservation Area
GB = Green Belt
CLD= Certificate of Lawful Development
TPO = Tree Preservation Order



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One thought on “Planning

  1. Bob BERGER

    I understand from Network Rail that the erection of the gantry by the Hatch End footbridge at The Avenue required no notification to residents and is classed as a Permitted Development for which no planning permission is required.
    I am not sure if you has seen the gantry which towers above the power lines and the bridge itself. It is a total eye-sore.
    Is this the understanding that the Hatch End Association has on the matter?


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