Applications this month
60 Cedar Drive: conversion of dwelling house to 4 flats P/1133/18
67 Woodhall Gate: Single and two storey side extension; new front entrance with canopy P/1212/18
2 Broadmead  Close (CA): Single storey side to rear extension; demolition of garage P/1240/18
28 Sherington Avenue: extensions P/1282
2 Sequoia Park (T1): Sequoia tree to raise crown to 6m  (to evenly balance crown base) P/1328/18
Glencara, Royston Park Road: Redevelopment to provide treee storey building comprising three flats with proposed vehicular access P/1110/18
6 Oakleigh  Road: Conversion of garage with window at front P/1322/18
3 Hillview Close: S/S infill extension P/1365/18
31 Derwent Avenue: CLD S/S side extension; S/S rear extension; S/S other side extension P/1544/18

11 Sherington Avenue: extensions – granted
21A The Avenue: details re surface water run off – approved
19 Newland Close: S/S infill; first floor side to rear extension – refused
12 Milne Feild: roof lights – approved
7 Colburn Avenue: Single and two storey side to rear extensions – granted
Unit 2, Cornwall Road: Change of use to hot yoga studio – granted
110 Uxbridge Road: S/S front extension; two storey side to rear extension;  S/S rear extension – granted

CA = Conservation Area
GB = Green Belt
CLD= Certificate of Lawful Development
TPO = Tree Preservation Order



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One thought on “Planning

  1. Bob BERGER

    I understand from Network Rail that the erection of the gantry by the Hatch End footbridge at The Avenue required no notification to residents and is classed as a Permitted Development for which no planning permission is required.
    I am not sure if you has seen the gantry which towers above the power lines and the bridge itself. It is a total eye-sore.
    Is this the understanding that the Hatch End Association has on the matter?


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