New Applications or planning approval
P/4634/18 Telecommunication Mast Pinnerwood Farm Woodhall Road: Electronic communications notification: Installation of 3 antennas, 9 ERS units, 3 non- antenna junction boxes and 1 GPS antenna
P/3947/18 Cornwall Court 11 Cornwall Road HA5 4LR: Rear Dormer and two front dormers to create two x two bedroom flats in roof
P/4393/18 Unit 2 Chantry Place HA3 6NY: Extension of part of existing warehouse to raise height of building; new cladding; external alterations
P/4393/18 21 Park View HA5 4LL: Single and two storey side to rear extension; single storey rear extension
P/4577/18 28 Lyndon Avenue HA5 4QG Proposal: Single storey outbuilding in rear garden (retrospective)
P/4582/18 17 Langland Drive HA5 4SA: Two storey rear extension; alterations and extension to front porch incorporating pitched roof and canopy; conversion of garage to study and installation of window to front; rooflight in side roofslope; external alterations
P/4630/18 10 Park View HA5 4LN: Single storey rear extension; first floor side extension; conversion of garage to storage / utility room; external alterations
P/4636/18 19 Briants Close HA5 4SY: Single and two storey rear extension; first floor side extension; pitched roof to attached garage and utility room; rear dormer; two rooflights in front roofslope; external alterations (demolition of conservatory and rear extension).
P/4710/18/PRIOR 161 Courtenay Avenue HA3 6LJ: Single Storey Rear Extension: 6 metres deep, 3.4 metres maximum height, 3 metres high to the eaves Applicant: Mr Rasik Kanji
P/4152/18 Pinetrees Nugents Park HA5 4RA: Single storey rear extension; installation of three rooflights in front and rear roofslopes; external alterations
P/4153/18 Pinetrees Nugents Park HA5 4RA: Single storey rear extension; two rear dormers; installation of three rooflights in front and one in rear roofslopes; external alterations
P/4334/18 6 Royston Park Road HA5 4AD: Certificate of lawful development (proposed): Alterations to roof to form rear dormer; installation of one rooflight in front and both side roofslopes
P/4418/18 1 Wessex Drive HA5 4PX: Certificate of lawful development (proposed): Single storey rear extension
P/4563/18 299 Uxbridge Road HA5 4QT: Display of 4 non-illuminated fascia signs; 3 non-illuminated hoarding signs; 4 non-illuminated vinyl signs
P/4485/18 Syrinity House, Unit A 324A Headstone Lane Harrow HA3 6NW: Extension to height of existing building to create first floor offices (use class B1) including recladding of building and associated parking
P/4473/18 498 Uxbridge Road HA5 4SL: Conversion of dwelling to 4 flats; single rear extension; single storey front extension; first floor side and rear extensions; alterations and extension to roof to create habitable roofspace; side and rear dormers; rooflights in front and side roofslopes; parking; landscaping; separate and communal amenity space; bin / cycle storage; external alterations
P/4489/18 299 Uxbridge Road HA5 4QT: Change of use of part retail car park (A1) to hand car wash (sui generis); installation of cabin for use as ancillary office; two canopies; flood lighting
P/4492/18 84 Sylvia Avenue HA5 4QL: Proposal: Single storey side to rear extension (Demolition of single storey side extension)
P/4499/18 The Power House Unit 5 Chantry Place Harrow HA3 6NY: Certificate of Lawful Use (Existing): Use of building as Offices (Class B1a)
P/4575/18 Unit 4 Phoenix Work Cornwall Road HA5 4UH: Details pursuant to Conditions 3 (Materials), 4 (External reveals), 5 (Construction method Statement), 6 (Secured Cycle Storage) and 7 (Refuse Storage) attached to planning permission P/5202/17 dated 23.3.18 for Redevelopment to provide two storey office building; Parking; Refuse storage
P/4616/18 35 Evelyn Drive HA5 4RL: TPO One conifer tree to be felled due to interference with telephone wires to two properties and root damage to the front drive causing paving to lift. One hawthorn tree to have 25% topping out works performed.
P/4632/18 36 Sequoia Park Pinner HA5 4DG: TPO Corsican pine x 1 – fell to ground level Reasons: the tree leans heavily toward the road and houses. P/4371/18/PRIOR Chantry House Chantry Place HA3 6NY: Conversion of offices (CLASS B1A) to one self-contained flat (CLASS C3)

Decisions Refused
P/3955/18 7 Woodridings Avenue Single storey Rear Extension REF 30-Oct-18 P/4209/18/PRIO KS 30-Oct-18 7 Woodridings Avenue Single Storey Rear Extension: extending 6 metres beyond the original rear wall, 4 metres maximum height, 3 metres high to the eaves REF 30-Oct-18
P/0302/18 Hatch End High School Redevelopment to provide three storey building for 8 Form Entry secondary school; associated REF 31-Oct-18
P/4018/18 18 Park View First floor side extension REF 31-Oct-18
P/3801/18 Saddlers Mead Oxhey Lane HA5 4AN REF 18-Oct-18 Single and two storey side extension; first floor rear infill extension; side dormer; rear dormer; front porch; rooflights in front and both side roof slopes; external alterations
P/1133/18 60 Cedar Drive REF 10-Oct-18 HA5 4DE KS Conversion of dwelling house into four flats (comprising 2 no. 1-bed flats and 2 no. 2-bed flats); conversion of garage into habitable room; alterations to roof to raise ridge height; external alterations; bin & cycle store
P/3710/18/PRIOR 402 Uxbridge Road REF 12-Oct-18 HA5 4HP Part conversion of retail units (Class A1) to assembly and leisure uses (Class D2) (prior approval of transport & highways impacts of the development, impacts of noise from the development, impacts of the hours of the opening of the development and the desirability of the change of use)
P/2108/18 298-300 Uxbridge Road REF 03-Oct-18 Change of use of ground floor from Retail (Class A1) to Restaurant (Class A3); Shop front; Decking at front to place 9 moveable tables and 18 chairs; Retractable canopy.

Decisions Granted
P/3133/18 20 Altham Road Single storey rear extension; external alterations GRA 01-Nov-18
P/2981/18 30 Clonard Way HA5 4BU GRA 23-Oct-18 Single and two storey side to rear extensions, ground floor front and rear extensions, rear dormer and rooflights and external alterations (demolition or rear extension and bin store) (amended description)
P/3654/18 39 Rowlands Avenue HA5 4DF GRA 24-Oct-18 Single storey front, side and rear extension incorporating front porch (demolition of attached garage)
P/3834/18 39 Bancroft Gardens HA3 5NA GRA 25-Oct-18 Two storey side extension
P/3624/18 14 The Lawns HA5 4BJ GRA 16-Oct-18 Single storey side extension; rear dormer
P/3100/18 53 Sherington Avenue HA5 4DU GRA 18-Oct-18 Two storey rear extension; first floor front infill extension; alterations to roof; external alterations
P/3808/18 48 St Thomas’ Drive GRA 12-Oct-18 HA5 4SS Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed): Single storey rear extension
P/2232/18 40 Sequoia Park GRA 02-Oct-18 Use of room on ground floor for beauty treatments
P/2840/18 49 Sherington Avenue GRA 05-Oct-18 Single storey front extension incorporating front porch
P/3610/18 11 Furham Feild GRA 05-Oct-18 Single storey front and two storey side extension; external alterations (demolition of detached garage)

Existing applications
P/2344/18 Clavering Nursing Home Royston Grove New build nursing home design challenged on urban design and revised ‘more modern’ designs being discussed prior to a revised planning application. New application 25.10.18 with revised elevations. The revised frontage now being submitted is shown below after considerable lobbying by our Councillors. The Council Urban Deisgn Officer had requested a totally modern design shown at the bottom. This was felt to be out of keeping with the area.

CA = Conservation Area
GB = Green Belt
CLD= Certificate of Lawful Development
TPO = Tree Preservation Order

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One thought on “Planning

  1. Bob BERGER

    I understand from Network Rail that the erection of the gantry by the Hatch End footbridge at The Avenue required no notification to residents and is classed as a Permitted Development for which no planning permission is required.
    I am not sure if you has seen the gantry which towers above the power lines and the bridge itself. It is a total eye-sore.
    Is this the understanding that the Hatch End Association has on the matter?


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