Applications from mid May

**84 Rowlands Avenue: detached dwelling in grounds with access
1 Old South Close: installation of rooflights; sides and rear – CA
**17 Hallam Gardens: single storey front; extension to garage; conversion of garage to habitable room
**46 The Avenue: redevelopment to provide a two-storey detached dwelling with parking
117 Sylvia Avenue: single storey rear extension – NIHE refused
4 Woodhall Drive:  tree work to limes
5 Woodhall Drive: treework on tree in the way of drive
49 Grimsdyke Road: replacement windows – CA
Flat 7, Hanover Court: installation of rooflights and window on side elevation
39 Bancroft Gardens: two-storey side extension to provide new dwelling; parking and bin storage
Darien, Old Hall Drive: details of approved application
77 Hillview Road: details on the approval of a pair of semi-detached dwellings
53 Woodhall Gate: details re previous application
**Winston Court: single storey rear extension to ground floor flat
18 The Avenue: treework
36 Oakdene Close: tree work on lime
**30 Woodridings Avenue: single storey side extension and two-storey side to rear extension. First floor extension to create two-storey building; alterations to roof; balcony and balustrade at rear; two front dormers and two rear dormers
49 Rowlands Avenue: CLD for rear dormer and insertion of two rooflights in front slope
86 Sylvia Avenue: CLD for alterations to roof to form end gable rear dormer with Juliet balcony and roof lights
21A The Avenue: details of major development

CA = Conservation Area  **= commented on or to be commented on
NIHE = Notification of Intention Householder Extension
CLD = Certificate of Legal Development; third party view are not invited


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One thought on “Planning

  1. Bob BERGER

    I understand from Network Rail that the erection of the gantry by the Hatch End footbridge at The Avenue required no notification to residents and is classed as a Permitted Development for which no planning permission is required.
    I am not sure if you has seen the gantry which towers above the power lines and the bridge itself. It is a total eye-sore.
    Is this the understanding that the Hatch End Association has on the matter?


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