Brown bins

Harrow Council has made changes to its new brown bin collection service which will start at the beginning of April 2016.
They are:
1. Full annual service – 25 fortnightly collections of garden waste between April 2016 and March 2017.
2. Six-month summer service – 13 fortnightly collections of garden waste between May 2016 and October 2016.
3. Flexi service – sign up for either of the above at any point in the year and pay a reduced rate that covers the remaining months of collection. There will be a period of notice of at least two weeks before the collection starts.
4. Share a bin – sign up for either of the above options and split the cost with your neighbour
5. Home compost – composting is easy and provides you with a ready source of garden goodness. We’ve negotiated some great deals on composting bins with get composting.
6. Civic amenity site – take your garden waste in a car, free of charge to the civic amenity site (rubbish tip). There are charges for vans bringing waste to the site. For green waste it is £68 per tonne with a minimum charge of £20.

If none of the above suit you and you feel strongly against the proposed changes and charges, you can sign a petetion. The link is here.

Harrow Council is proposing changes to the garden waste recycling collection ie the brown bin collection. Its website states the following:

“The proposal is to alter the current garden waste recycling collection to a chargeable service. Garden waste will be collected fortnightly.  Households which subscribe to the service will receive 25 collections per year using the current 240ltr brown bin at a price of £75 per year, which equates to £3 per collection.

Concessionary rates are provided to residents on means tested benefits as follows:
Residents of working age       £25 (1/3 of the full price)
Residents with disability         £10
Pensioners                              Free

Examples of means tested benefits include:
Council Tax support scheme/Pension credit/Income Support/Employment & Support Allowance.

For the start of the scheme we are offering an introductory offer – £75 to cover the period between 1 October 2015 and 31 March 2017.”

If you disagree with these proposals, there is a petition at that you can sign. See the link below.

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