Car Park Scam

If you park your car in Grimsdyke car park be careful of strangers approaching you. A shocking incident happened to a shopper last Saturday. As she went to her car a man came up to her and pointed to a £20 note lying on the ground and asked if it was hers. She said no but the man insisted she look in her purse and then her credit card wallet. Saying that the money was not hers she took her wallet out. The man tried to grab it but only touched it before she was able to put it away.

On the Monday she discovered that £500 had been taken from Morrison’s ATM, then £490 and later £120 in Barking. Other withdrawals had been tried without success. Somehow the man had removed her debit card.

Please be vigilant and do not pull out your purse or wallet containing your cards in front of a stranger no matter how insistent they are. If you see anyone acting suspiciously call the police

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