5 thoughts on “Grimdyke Road Parking Review

  1. D Patel

    I’m am opposed to the parking restrictions being suggested for Grymsdyke Road and the surrounding local roads, causing residents undue additional procedures needed to be following regarding purchase of parking tickets, etc. This is a local residential area and not an inner city part of London where you would expect these controls to be put in place. I believe Grymsdyke School increased the intake of their total number of pupils and expect it was done to serve the local community, which means that children accompanied by their parents should be able to walk to school. If this wasn’t the case why wasn’t the correct infrastructure put into place? if this is the cause it now appears local residents are having to suffer the consequences, it just seems like decisions keep being made by the local council that negatively impact residents in Hatch End and it’s unfair to keep having negative connotations imposed on us.

  2. G Walker

    There will be many unintended consequences of the Grimsdyke School Street Scheme which will mean greatly increased traffic problems around the school, causing more problems for neighbours, for the following reasons:

    1) Many parents need to drive to the school due to distance and to get to work on time. There’s already insufficient space in the car park by the Rugby club, meaning that parents also park on the roads around the school. The new scheme will mean more parents will attempt to park in the car park yet there is only a single lane for two-way traffic in and out of the car park. This will lead to increased traffic congestion around the car park, delays, stress and frustration.

    2) Many parents will fail to park in the car park and will still look to park on the streets near to the school, but they will now need to do three-point turns in the middle of the street in order to avoid getting fined. This will upset neighbours and increase congestion for neighbours.

    No doubt Harrow Council introduced this scheme with the best of intentions, but there is no benefit for anyone. This scheme will cause more problems for neighbours, more problems for parents and more problems for the school. It will just make life more difficult for everyone. The scheme hasn’t been well thought through and needs to be abandoned.


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