Grimsdyke School Photographic Competition

Luca Platon - 'Red Parade'WINNER Cat1

Red Parade by Luca Platon

Secret Garden Siddarth Singh-HC-Cat1

Secret Garden by Siddarth Singh

Kierat Basi Terrific tower and golden grass-HC-Cat2

Terrific Tower & Golden Grass by Kierat Basi

Ketchup Guards by Alice Law-HC-Cat1

Ketchup Guards by Alice Law

Jasmine Ismael - Just missed the train-HC-Cat2

Just Missed The Train by Jasmine Ismael

Ellie Morgan 5K -  Electrifying RideHC-Cat2

Electrifying Ride by Ellie Morgan

This summer Grimsdyke School held a photographic competition for the pupils of all years. It was sponsored by Harrow Heritage Trust and judged by the Hatch End Association on behalf of the Trust. The judges were Anne Swinson, Sheila Reid and Tony Allen. The brief for the competition was Heritage in Hatch End and Pinner, with subjects ranging from St Anselm’s Church and Hatch End station to the Memorial Park and St John’s Church in Pinner. The winners and highly commended of each category received a prize on 21 July at the school’s assembly from Martin Verden, chair of Harrow Heritage Trust, which donated the funds for the prizes. The winner of Category 1 – Lower School – was Luca Platon of Reception with Red Parade. The winner of Category 2 – Upper School – was Raabiya Khan of Year 6 with A Secret Paradise. Highly Commended winners in Category 1 were Siddarth Singh of Year 1 with Secret Garden and Alice Law of Year 2 with Ketchup Guards. Highly Commended winners in Category 2 were Jasmine Ismael of Year 3 with Just Missed The Train, Kierat Basi of Year 4 with Terrific Tower & Golden Grass and Ellie Morgan of Year 5 with Electrifying Ride.



Raabiya Khan - A Secret Paradise-WINNER Cat2

A Secret Paradise by Raabiya Khan

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