Overground trains

Concerns have been raised about the London Overground train service from Hatch End. Plans are underway to introduce an extra carriage, from four to five, representing a 25% increase in capacity. Extra carriages have been ordered and the longer trains will be operational on the East London line to begin with, so it will be at least a year before we see longer trains coming through Hatch End.



2 thoughts on “Overground trains

  1. Ami

    I moved to Hatch End less than a year ago and have had regrets since due to the nihhtmare journey I have to work most days (4 out of 5 at least). My travel card costs £2344 a year. When are they going to improve the trains and the delays?

  2. Arem

    I’m also concerned that in this day and age, they still haven’t improved the frequency of the Overground service. A 20 minute gap between trains is far too much and it doesn’t surprise me that a number of locals drive to Pinner in order to use the more frequent Metropolitan Line service. With so much talk about reducing pollution and traffic, isn’t it about time that the frequency of services was improved to,say, every 10 minutes? The Government seems to be earmarking funds for improving rail and tube links to new towns and areas within Greater London, but nothing seems to be done in areas like Hatch End.


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