Update April 2013

Update 1 April 2013

On 1 April 2013 the re-organisation of the NHS came into force. This is a change of organisation and responsibility intended to improve services to patients. The changes are expected to create improvement and change driven by local clinicians rather than central administrators.

While the changes are far reaching there should be no immediate change to the how patients engage with the NHS although the name over the door might have changed.

The following is a very brief and simplified outline of the changes and is intended as an introduction to some of the new names and responsibilities.

Before 1April 2013 the health of the people of Harrow was the responsibility of NHS Harrow, the local Primary Care Trust (PCT). The PCT was responsible for the provision of health services by providers of health services required locally, such as primary care (GPs), hospital (NWLHT) and mental health (CNWLFT). All were responsible to NHS London, the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) for London

From 1 April there is no more PCT and no more SHA. They have been replaced by NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Harrow (NHS CCG Harrow) and NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB).

NHS CCG Harrow consists of local GPs elected by their peers to run the organisation that is responsible for the provision of health services for Harrow from providers and trusts as was PCT Harrow. The CCG is responsible to NHS CB London Division. Separately NHS CB is responsible for the provision and performance of GP practices and certain very specialist services provided nationally by the NHS.

It is intended that future updates will give descriptions of local health pathways that members will encounter and any changes and opportunities for involvement in health and social care by members.

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